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Denita [userpic]
Happy birthday!
by Denita (menomegirl)
at August 20th, 2008 (10:06 am)

For novascotiasam.

Happy birthday, darlin'.


Poem: Rebound
Pairings: Lindsey/Darla, Lindsey/Angel
Word count: 255

Motes of dust float in the thin air
Everywhere he turns, he sees her there
Moonlight caught in tendrils that shimmer like silk
Skin that's pale and smooth, ice cold like milk
Laughter a tease hidden behind a soft smile
Her eyes a conversation waiting to beguile

Derision rings in the tones of her voice
Words that sting, her weapon of choice
The past a perfume that draws him in
Her body a promise that speaks of sin
He often feels like a moth to her flame
Falls for the same ruse time and again

A fingertip grazing the curve of his cheek
Makes him go hot and his knees feel weak
Inhaled breath that's unneeded and false
A lie silently told in a dangerous waltz
Something inside of him doesn't even care
That he's willing to let her take him there

Sharp pain that's fleeting before darkness descends
The sound of his heart marking the way his life ends
A dull thud that pounds like the beat of a drum
Slowing as she sucks and his body begins to succumb
Pleasure that's keening drags him down into sleep
Within a moment that's draining, dirty and cheap

He awakens to the glow shining across his bed
Sheets clinging and damp with an ache in his head
The sound of his laughter is bitter and cold
The motions as he rises tightly controlled
To face another day aiming to learn all he can
So he can take down a demon that walks like a man.